Owen Sweet Design

Owen Sweet Design on Corey Avenue

After coming to the U.S.A. in 1980, Owen Sweet Design has continued to pursue his decade-long passion for art jewelry and design. Working first under some of Europe’s great designers, his distinctive style flourished, which testifies to the masters he has worked under. After working in the U.S. for 10 years with some large retail shops and small jewelry art shops, Owen has gone out on his own. His geometric streamlined jewelry has unquestionably become his signature. To put it in his own words, “To my mind a piece of jewelry is a sculpture in miniature against a human background.”

Art jewelry in the USA today reflects the inner social and emotional feeling of our society. Art jewelers have been growing under direct influence of the international art jewelry of our century. In Owen Sweet we find a creative artist whose jewelry reflects a special dynamic movement, which is both daring and romantic. His jewelry speaks in a very emotional and almost African language. The viewer immediately responds to his jewelry, and through this response experiences pleasure. Owen fashions gold into smooth geometric forms or ever crude African sculptures which shows the bridge he has built between his birth place and his new home in Florida.

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