Corey Avenue Gateway

Gateway and Streetscape Concepts | Corey Avenue

Gateways To The Corey Avenue District

As part of their interest in creating a greater sense of place in the Corey Avenue District, community members desire a gateway or entrance improvements. Gateways communicate to people that they are entering a special place.


The entrance to the City on 75th Avenue could be marked by a pedestrian bridge or gateway arch. There are potential locations for major Corey Avenue District gateways around the “heart” of Corey Avenue between Gulf Boulevard and Blind Pass Road as well as at Sunset Way. Smaller, secondary gateway treatments could be created at any of the street corners between 75th and 73rd.

Gateways may be created in many ways:

  • Monuments
  • Arches
  • Streetscape features
  • Landscaping
  • Signage
  • Architecture
  • Public art
  • Special paving


 Corey Avenue Intersection Gateway Conepts

Pedestrian Overpass Gateway

Corey Avenue Streetscape Details

 Corey Avenue Streetscape

As part of their interest in creating a greater sense of place in the Corey Avenue District, community members asked for street furniture with an upscale, yet relaxed beach feel. Host – ing a beach furniture design competition was discussed to engage people in the design of the District.

Lighting is an important element in creating a sense of place in a downtown environment. If lighting is absent, a place can feel dark and unsafe at night, discouraging people from remaining in the area to explore local sites and businesses. If lighting is present but intended for vehicle visibility and safety, then it can feel sterile and uninviting to pedestrians. Human-scale lighting in a downtown environment has both safety and aesthetic benefits.

The design team conducted an analysis of existing lighting. The graphic to the left shows the existing locations and types of lighting along Corey Avenue. The images to the left show proposed locations for the installation of additional street lighting and conceptual designs

Corey Avenue Streetscape 2

Corey Avenue Sidewalks

Sidewalks are an important element of a streetscape and the user experience. The materials used to create the sidewalk can help define a sense of place. Community members were interested in a concept that acknowledged the City’s roots as a beach community.

The images and drawings below show possible themes, sidewalk materials and conceptual designs for the districts that integrate art, storytelling, and “fun” through the use of creative boardwalk patterns, colored sea glass and flip-flops.

 Corey Avenue Shade:Shelter

 Corey Avenue Shade:Shelter 2

This information can be found on the city website:

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