Sunrise Park | Corey Avenue St. Pete Beach

Sunrise Park on Corey Avenue | St. Pete Beach

Make your way to the east end of Corey Avenue and you will find the location where Sunrise Park is planned to be on St. Pete Beach.

 Sunrise Park on Corey Avenue

Enhancements in this area will:

  • Create public space and an east side anchor. Creates a much-needed public space and anchor on the east side of Corey Avenue, providing a destination for visitors. The promenade/boardwalk along the waterfront and pedestrian-only access to this area will provide a great amenity to the St. Pete Beach community. The transition from a traditional main street to the pedestrian-oriented boulevard at the end of Corey Avenue will provide a beautiful view of the water and access point to the waterfront public space.
  • Create housing on the east side of Corey Avenue, bringing residential activity to the area. Providing housing in this area will infuse Corey Avenue with life outside of business hours. People will be able to live, work and play in the area. • Integrate streetscape elements to improve the user experience. Easily fulfills the design intent of the Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Code for sidewalks, landscaping, shade, visual interest, etc.
  • Straighten Corey Avenue from Sunrise to Sunset. By straightening Corey Avenue the city’s downtown grid is enhanced. This helps establish a true connection from Sunrise to Sunset along Corey Avenue, reinforces a sense of balance, and provides a better view from one end to the other.
  • Encourage pedestrian activity and preserves vehicular access. Visitors will find a more pedestrian friendly environment near the waterfront that also preserves vehicular access to the area and parking along the extended Corey Avenue.
  • Consolidate all parking in a central, context-sensitive parking structure. Provides parking as growth occurs within one standalone, providing parking for commercial uses, residential uses, City Hall, and other required users. This structure would feature ground level retail and context-sensitive architectural detailing to make it blend in with the surrounding streetscape.
  • Provide new connectivity and a gateway. In addition to the new pedestrian-only pathways to the promenade/boardwalk, and along the extended Corey Avenue, a pedestrian bridge and gateway element from the parking garage over 75th Avenue will better connect this part of St Pete Beach to areas north of 75th Avenue. A pedestrian bridge underneath 75th Avenue will also better connect this part of St Pete Beach to areas north of 75th Avenue.

The space will feature residential buildings, public space, a boardwalk/pier and 1 and 2 story commercial buildings.


Sunrise park before


Sunrise park corey avenue after

Sunrise Park on Corey Avenue will also feature a 5 story parking garage, a wide variety of commercial space, commercial office space, a gateway, a boardwalk connection to the recreation center from under the bridge and a re-purposed City Hall.


Sunrise Park view from water before


Sunrise Park water view after


Sunrise Park Rendering

This information can be found on the city website:


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