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The Corey Avenue Couplet

In an effort to achieve a multi-modal, attractive and highly functional circulation system, a an alternative focused on a one-way couplet that moves travelers in and around Downtown is envisioned.

Community members express a desire to see a better pedestrian environment—with safer street crossings, landscaping that buffers sidewalks from vehicle traffic, more pedestrian connections, shade during the day, lighting at night, and shelter from rain. Fortunately the Corey Avenue District has a street grid that is highly supportive of pedestrian circulation.

Several opportunities for mobility improvements include enhancing bike and transit and improving the pedestrian experience:

  • Install transit shelters at major stops including 73rd Avenue and the Library
  • Add bike lanes on Blind Pass Road, Gulf Boulevard, and 75th Avenue
  • Provide aesthetic enhancements for pedestrians, like attractive landscaping, public art, and wayfinding signs
  • Install corner bulb-outs that support pedestrian mobility and safety


Corey avenue Couplet

Couplet – 75th Street and Gulf Blvd

The one way couplet would carry traffic west on 75th, south on Gulf Blvd, east on 73rd Ave, and north on Blind Pass Road. The proposed couplet would create areas for street beautification, on-street parking and protected bike lanes, while improving traffic flow and intersection operations. The ease and safety of getting around the Corey Avenue District on foot, bicycle, car, and transit is key to its success. Themed wayfinding signage would help direct visitors to attractions and parking while promoting a visual brand for the district.

The graphics provided below depict a vision of couplet design, how it would accommodate motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists, and how it would aide with beautification of the area.


 couplet-of-75th-street-and-gulf-blvd rendering


Couplet of Blind Pass Road & 73rd Street

Corey Avenue Couplet - Blind Pass Road

This information can be found on the city website:

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